It was December, 2020 throughout our trip in Africa. Me and my partner were traveling within the south of Ethiopia, in a region known as Omo-valley, specifically notable for its tribes and traditions.

That day we took a minibus to reach Turmi, a small city far from the massive cities and modernization, as we wanted to get in touch the real Africa and the cultures that are not yet (or just a few…) touched by the thus known as „civilization“. 

We were, as usual, on the rear seats, looking for the nature outside the windows.

After a short while the minibus stopped - within the middle of nowhere!!! - and jumped-in one guy from the front door: he was with the typical dress and costume jewelry from the pastoral Hamer tribe. Ok, nothing uncommon here, the bus continued his way to Turmi.

After a short while, once it was asked to pay the ride, everyone paid, apart this Hamer-guy: he had no money! After some discussions, some individuals weren't quiet, and there was no manner for him to pay the ride… We were about 20 km from Turmi, so… I chose to do something: I decided to pay him the ride! 


…as I paid his ticket, he was thus incredibly happy, he couldn’t avoid to telling it to me somehow! He was almost crying! But he was speaking only his local language, no way to talk!

Nevertheless, once we arrived in Turmi, Colle Schari (this is his name) invited us to his home!!! I was so curious, I believed “I can never have such an opportunity in my life again” so we accepted! 


We walked with our backpacks first throughout the crepuscle, then underneath the moonlight: with no artificial light up to the horizon, the atmosphere is thus quiet and magic, like in a fairy tale… After one hour of walk we reached his village, I was extremely tired however absolutely energized!

We were welcomed by his wife Colle Anna with a warm “Paìia”: in the local language it means “hello” and “nice”. She offered us the native food, we played shortly with the super-curious children, and so everyone went to sleep, we in our tent, and they, well… over a cow-skin, on the ground, underneath the stars. 



In the morning, the Hamer people get up each day with the daylight, all the members of the family meet inside one hut, next to the fireplace (even if it's Africa, in the morning it's quite cold!), and therefore the woman prepares a hot drink, they call it „BUNNO“, cooked on fire in a potter‘s clay.


The men and the youth drink it every morning before walking for kilometers and kilometers with the cattle.


One by one, Colle Anna shared to all of us this Bunno in a wonderful Calabash: me and my partner also got one, and we tried it…

...Well, that was the moment I discovered the great CASCARA!!!
Cascara is the western name for Bunno! 


To be honest, I was a bit surprised at first what I got! Because the Hamer call coffee "BUNNA" and the Cascara "BUNNO" (practically the same!), so I was expecting to get a coffee.... Instead, I enjoyed a combination of flavours and fragrances I didn't know existed! It was a unique discovery that belongs neither to the world of coffee nor to the world of tea... Maybe a bit in between the two worlds! What amazed me was that the taste did not disappear immediately, but evolved continuously!

In the following days, the Hamer offered me Cascara (BUNNO) several times and I noticed afterwards each time that I felt more awake and alert. 


I understood why they drink it every day: it gives a lot of energy!


If you would like to travel to Turmi and to visit Colle Schari and his family, I tracked the walk from Turmi to his house, you can find it in wikiloc with the name "From the village of Colle Schari to Turmi" 


We are a young Swiss startup, born in 2022.

We have an idea: to create a new category of hot drinks in addition to coffee and tea. The CASCARA, precisely.

Future events

Experience innovation and gather inspiration for the future of the food and agriculture sector at the 4th International Food Startup Conference and Trade Fair - the largest food startup event in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein (DACHLI) on 23 February 2023 at the Milchwerk Radolfzell on Lake Constance.

Events and participations

It was just great @ Vegan Festival Zurich 2022!!!

The days are long at AFRO-PFINGSTEN 2022, in Winterthur (ZH), Switzerland...

...but satisfying, a great atmosphere!!!

It was so hard, but we were finally there at OFFA 2022 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

We are pleased with the result and the feedback from the audience who were all able to try, all for the first time in their lives, the drinks with CASCARA!

We especially have to thank the OFFA organizing staff for helping us participate as exhibitors, as well as Flu, Eliane and Fabi who gave great support during these busy days!

Great event, many visitors were able to meet young Swiss start-ups and meet the founders!